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48 Special VW Drag racecar

48 Special VW Drag Racecar

Built By Jack Sacchette

A name known for drag race dominance and pushing VW drag racing to its limit. Jack Sacchette is a name that is industry respected and automatically associated with winning and championships.

One of the most dominating forces to hit the VW drag race scene, Jack has won several championship races while setting and breaking several records.

Jack went on to build the JayCee brand in order to create products that provide support you can rely on. Being a leader in cutting edge designs for the High Performance VW industry, Jack knows his products are race tested and race proven.

Driven By Ashlyn Sacchette

Ashlyn Sacchette - Driver of JayCee VW Bug Drag racecar
Growing up the daughter of a racing legend, Ashlyn Sacchette knew she was destined to leave her own mark on the drag racing world. It was something she always wanted to do and has thrived at every opportunity presented her way.

In 2019 Ashlyn set a new NHRA Super Stock SS/VX record In Las Vegas with a time of 10.57.

At the Triple Crown Super Stock she not only qualified #1 at every event she also ended up winning them all. Resetting the record @ 6.53 and winning the 2019 championship Ashlyn is showing her dedication to VW drag racing.
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